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Hello, my name is Ian, I live in California, on the Central Coast. I am not an alcoholic, but I like airsoft guns almost as much as real guns. I think it may be cheaper to be an alcoholic.

In the real world I have a sig p220, Remington Cti 105 shotgun and a Remington 700 30.06.

In the Airsoft realm I have a KWA m9, KWA MP7 and a UTG L96.

I am not a spray and pray kind of guy, I like to be accurate, likely in all things.

My sniper is 1.5 years old, stock, and a POS. I will be trolling these forums to glean information regarding upgrades/replacements.

Since I am now 40 and post back surgery, I'm looking to extend my range. I thought about bringing the 700 with simunition, but I figured that wouldn't be fair.

I'll try to avoid useless posts, (other than this one.) refrain from using GIANT caps to make a simple point, I'll watch my grammar, spelling and punctuation, and wipe my feet before I enter.

Thank you.
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Ahoy there! It's a pleasure to have you here!
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