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Hello, been lurking for a while and thinking to build a DMR set up, still trying to decide on what to start with, reading and reading and cant decide. I like something that is a little different than the standard ever common M4/M16 build, i am not opposed to it just like would prefer something that is not so common.
Came from 20+ years of paintball and wanted something different and was sick of shooting 10 year old kids.
Cost is not really a concern would just like something that is a good starting point.
Mechanically I am very good and have access to all tools and machines any man can think of and can do most to all mods once I know what needs to be done.
Any recommendations would be appreciated, from ontario canada and plan on playing in the winter

Thank you
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VFC just came out with their HK 417, so you could always try and make something sexy out of that, but if you want something different why not go with the FN FAL or the Sig.
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