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Hello, been lurking for a while and thinking to build a DMR set up, still trying to decide on what to start with, reading and reading and cant decide. I like something that is a little different than the standard ever common M4/M16 build, i am not opposed to it just like would prefer something that is not so common.
Came from 20+ years of paintball and wanted something different and was sick of shooting 10 year old kids.
Cost is not really a concern would just like something that is a good starting point.
Mechanically I am very good and have access to all tools and machines any man can think of and can do most to all mods once I know what needs to be done.
Any recommendations would be appreciated, from ontario canada and plan on playing in the winter

Thank you
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How about a FN Fal DMR, not really anyone that has it :)

Or the DSA Tactical SA58 SPR .308It's based on the FN FAL

Oh... Welcome to the forum :)
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