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Hello guys my name is Austin! I live in WA and I have been into Airsoft for a few years but I recently got into milsim. I want to pursue the duty of a sniper. If any body can give me right of the bat tips that would be great! Thank you guys and bye! :cheers:
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Welcome to the forum. There are some pretty good reads on being an airsoft sniper that are stickied and around the forum that I tell everyone to take a look at. What is in your arsenal right now, what kind of camo do you use, tell us more about yourself.
Welcome to the forums! Check out all of the stickies for your basic knowledge and be sure to use the search feature located on the second bar from the top. It will be your best friend for a while!
Welcome to the forums, I live north of you in BC on the island.
Right now I have a MK18 MOD1 and I am looking to acquire a G700G from ASGI
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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