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Hi my name is Casey.
I am from the UK but with an american dual-nationality (thanks dad), im 19 years old and am a first time airsoft sniper, actually i only recently started airsoft as a whole but it is something i've wanted to get into for a long time now. I also like running, eating, and spending days at a time on the interwebz.

Bought my first gun recently, an M57a l96 Double Eagle sniper rifle and am looking forward to many more years of sniping.

Awsome to find a forum dedicated to airsoft sniping. Thanks v.much
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I know a lot of people that like eating man! It's a great hobby :tup:

Welcome to the forums.
Welcome to the forums!
Welcome to the boards!

Welcome to the forum. Check out all the stickies around the forum. There are some pretty good reads on being an airsoft sniper.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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