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Name Christian

Callsign: derf

Experience: I've played airsoft since 2001. In 1998 I went through military service in sweden and then I was a member in the Swedish nationalguard for eight years.

You're arsenal: I currently use a Bar-10 and an M4

Your camo: I bought my ghillie a few years ago, it's made of combed burlap (It's me in the light brown one)


What are your other hobbies: I like fishing, hiking, kayak paddling and books, I read twenty or so a year.

Where do you live: I live in the south of Sweden in Skane.

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Hey there neighbor and welcome to the Forum! +1 for issue type Introduction! =) Hope you'll find and give plenty of experience through this fine Forum. =)

Say where you in Berget 7? =D If you were on what side? =D
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