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Help! Can't take barrel off!

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Hi guys, I have recently got a brand new VSR-10 which has been performing perfectly. I took it apart yesterday to shim the hop up unit and put it back together and it still performed great!
After purchasing the pieces for a TDC adjuster I decided to take it apart again to install the TDC adjuster, but....

I can't unscrew the barrel!

I have taken off the two bolts from the feeding piece on the chamber, and have taken out the small bolt on the reciever, so it should just unscrew (like it did yesterday) but it wont.

Any suggestions? :S

Thanks, Milo.
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Check and see if there is a small phillips head set screw holding the barrel to the receiver on the bottom or try taking out the forward most screw on the rail on top of the receiver.
I doubt this is the reason but try pulling the bolt back as you try to unscrew it in case the cylinder head is somehow catching.
The frontmost screw on the rail also holds the cylinder in, did you take that out?
I think that's what he meant by "the small bolt on the reciever." I can't think of anything else he could have meant.
There is another one on the underside of the receiver that I assumed he was talking about.
Ahh of course! I need to unscrew the bolt on the rail. When I did it yesterday I didn't have a rail on. ;) I will try again in the morning.

Oh that one. I screwed it just tight enough on mine so it holds snug, but loose enough that it lets the barrel unscrew. Did that so long ago I completely forgot it was even there.
Yeah it worked fine.

Only problem now is I lost the spring on the part that holds the magazine on! ARGH!!! Magazine wont feed so I have to fire by manually loading each bb. I guess another trip to the local hardware store is needed...

Actually, you can replace that with a cut down spring from an old click pen.
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Already done it!
The spring in a Clipper lighter works too. You'll need to cut it to the right length.
Stick a bit of tape over the mag release when you've got it sorted, saves crawling around on the floor looking for the spring next time it decides to escape.
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At least you didn't lose the plastic part like I did!
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