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(Help) Making my Hpa Rig

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Hello! I have decided to put some money aside to build an HPA rig suitable for my G96. the help i am looking for is feedback and answers to some of the questions I have. Feel free to drop some feedback in the comments!

1. The Tank I am using is a Ninja 4500 PSI HPA tank.
Liquid Artifact Bottle Font Gas

2. The Regulator I am looking at is either Palmers micro rock, or a Ninja LPR system regulator. Which one do you guy's think is better with the tank I am getting? the price difference is about $30. Which one is better for the 4500 psi tank?

Below is the Ninja:
Camera accessory Cameras & optics Cylinder Optical instrument Bicycle part

Below is Palmers:
View attachment 107278_517_12062016_162154_95433109.PDF

3. The line i will be running is Amped's "Flexi line"
Eyelash Wire Close-up Metal Circle

4. Final, I have one question that might sound very silly, but what is the nipple piece i screw into the tapped magazine called? I cant't seem to find it. something like quick release male end ?
Feel free to comment if I left anything out!
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If you're set in a big tank + amped line, then probably your best option is Wolverine's STORM onTank regulator. It works great and will be a much more streamlined setup than a Palmer or a Firebase.

The connectors you need for the mags are normally called quick disconnect nipples or quick disconnect plugs. In your place I would just ask Amped about it and buy everything from them, they are probably the most knowledgeable store in the US when it comes to HPA setups.
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The Firebase regulator is just a rebranded Ninja. So yes, the Ninja would do.

About all of the mentioned regs so far, it's true that the best now are the SFR and STORM. Ninja / Firebase and specially Palmer's are old and older designs, that doesn't provide adequate refresh rate for those modern ridiculously high RoF full auto HPA builds.
But of course, you don't need such thing for a BASR. So any of those would do.

In fact, you can even get away with an industrial regulator, as the SLP one that Amped sells. That's also probably the cheaper route, but that doesn't make it any worse (or better) than any of the others in a basr. Bear in mind that you'd need a SLP tank to use it with though.

The problem with all of those reg but the STORM is that they fit off-centre of the tank, so they quickly become a major league PITA to carry. That's why I would choose the STORM.

Well, not really. If it was my choice, I would totally go for a Mancraft's MARS and use 12g CO2 cartridges hidden inside the stock, for a more streamlined setup. And probably go even further, permanently attaching the gas part of the mag to the receiver, and using bb "sticks" to feed it, eliminating the need for extra mags, and hiding any sign of a HPA/CO2 rig :)
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Reliku I think you're talking about old gen Mancraft regulators.. that are pretty much the same internal design as a Palmer.

The newest one, "MARS", has integrated anti-siphon and expansion chambers, so no liquid CO2 can pass through as it would in old-gens or palmer's.

What's a bb stick?
I borrowing your own pic for that one :p

My personal build would be to permanently attach the gas container part of the magazine to the receiver, tapping it for the Mancraft MARS CO2 adaptor+regulator in a hidden way.

Then make a simple system to reload changing only the bb feeding part of the magazine. It will require modding and even getting / printing / DIY some spares feed sticks, but the results are worth it.

No need for extra mags (a lot of saved $$$, less weight, etc), and a perfectly consistent CO2 setup without having to carry a tank, no visible line at all, and not having to disconnect and reconnect the line between reloads.
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Maybe you're confused with some other regulator?
Nope. I've used those suckers for 10+ years. They work decently well.. but it's an archaic design by now. 3 generations of regulators have passed between them and the current models. Sure, they won't freaking explode if you put direct CO2 to them, but they can really let a lot of liquid pass through. And I mean a lot.
Only reason people are still buying them is because... guides written 5 or 10 years ago recommend them. Just like why people are still buying M700 to begin with.

Nowadays considering anything but MARS and WRAITH + STORM for a CO2 setup is just bogus.
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