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Does anyone have a guide on how to tap the Tanaka Long mags because I know that they are different than the short mags. If anyone could post a guide that would be great.

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Sorry for my late reply.
You can't really screw it up. You will use Teflon tape on the threads of the quick disconector.
Here's a guide I found, you should drill the long mag on the fill valve and do the rest of the procedure. If you remove the base plate of the mag you'll see what you should do. All my long (3) mags have only 1 cylinder to hold gas, but I've read somewhere that even if your mag have 2 gas reservoir then again it's the same.
I can't help you much now cause I'm not home but here's a guide I found:
hope it helps but search some more on google, you'll find some answers.

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