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HELP switching from free float to magpul handguard

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So I have an spr mod 0 kit and I want to switch to a magpul hand-guard. I need a delta ring and a front hand-guard ring and the hand guard itself. Is that it? I have a front flip up sight with has a gas rod coming out of it. Can the hand-guard ring attach to that? Or what else will I need? There is also 3 sizes or magpul hand-guards 6 inch'ish, 9 inch'ish, and 12 inch'ish. But I only see outer barrels with front sight grooves that will accommodate the 6 inch and 12 inch hand-guards. I wont need to store a normal battery inside the hand-guard, only a fire control unit and a 9 volt. So I was considering using the real steel magpul hand-guard.

If anyone knows what talking about and can help out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Oh and this is for my dmr. In case not mentioning that made this post illegal. :)

If it helps, this is the kit that is on my gun right now.
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Well with the SPR having about the same length or the same length outer barrel as the m16 I don't see why he couldn't run the 12". I'm not sure how it would look but it would save him some money instead of having to buy another outer barrel.

RS mk12 spr's run a rifle length gas system so you should be using the rifle length handguard. This is assuming you wanted to stay as close as possible to the real steel version.
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