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[Help] Vsr-10 "Crazy-Philippino" Build

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Hey hey there good people!

~ Here's little info before I get into build details:
I've been reading through forums, guides and anywhere that I could get as much info possible on VSR-10 builds, but I've got plenty more questions, becouse all those builds are limited by the joule rules of their respected country of origin or their local field. I am not bound by such limitations. I've seen crazy builds from Philippines, those guys easily reach over 750fps measured with .20bb, but I don't understand a single word they say, All I figured is that they use long 540mm+ inner-barrels and some hella strong springs, also it doesn't help that they don't list parts.
You might be asking, why would I need such a build ? Well, we aren't your average 14 year old go brrr with HPA in some CQB warehouse with music blasting. We are based in Asia. At my field we do realistic engaments / mil-trainings/ operations in forest and we have different weapons for different occasions. Average joe on my field with an AEG hits targets consisantly at around 80+ meters, so my Vsr-10 build should be relaiably hitting hitting targets over 200 meters. That's what we need for future event.

~ The build:

Budget: Don't have a fixed one, will pay for decent parts but won't overpay for parts that offer diminishing results over price creep.
Base: I've read that JG Bar-10 is the best base weapon, it being 100% TM Vsr-10 clone and having 100% aftermarket part compatibility. Also I've looked into CM701 but I'm not sure if it's as compatible as JG. Might get used or boneyard ones since 90% of internals will be replaced anyways.
Cylinder set: Whichever is best for strong springs like Rapax 4j+, leme know.
Trigger unit: Think of S-trigger v9.2 by Springer custom or Maple leaf's Gen 3 Vsr, haven't looked into other ones,whichever is better.
Spring: Rapax Hulk 4j+ and or Rapax RMS 4j+, they are both advertised as 4j and both for VSR10 but I've read somewhere that it ain't 100% fact.
Piston + Spring guide: I am at loss here, there's conflicting information, some say heavier is better but some say lightergets more fps ? No clue, I'll get which ever you kind folks recommend, I want to squeeze every fps available from it. As for spring guide 9mm ofc.
HopUp Chamber: Good old Red Action Army with masada's cnc arm.
Nub: built in masada's cnc arm.
Bucking: Whichever is best suitible for 0.49bbs, Whatever's latest and greatest?
Inner-barrel: Correct me if I'm wrong, but longer the more fps ? So 540mm but which brand ? I've heared EdGi is the Gucci equivalent in airsoft, but it costs twice what other brands cost,110$ for a barrel ? Don't think it offers twice the performance now would it ? Also figured that I need bridgeless one.

Am I missing any other parts ? let me know. Thanks for your time! Hope I can get some answers and recommendations.
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The fact that you got a Philippino word I will make it simple for you.

Action Army T10
EDGI BULL BARREL 500MM 6.01 (tell edgi what hop rubber you plan to use so that he will make the correct cut for the window)
Maple Leaf MR Hop 80 degree (do not get 2021 ver)
EDGI SP03 SPRING (equivalent to m190 to m200)
AA Hop Chamber
Tridos TDC 2.0

Then you set the SAP at 130g. If you do this you will get 6.66J (546 fps with .48)

I also think that if you DIY the piston and add more weight, the J would still increase.

This build will definitely deserve the Crazy Filipino name you want
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