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Bought a used upgraded VSR-10, open up the mag well to pull the hop up/barrel out to inspect it but I didn't take it apart. As I am screwing one of the two screws from the mag well back onto the chamber making sure the screw is snug it just snaps. I did not even twist that hard and I was being gentle. So the head of the screw snapped off and a bit of the threads attached to it. 80% of the screw is in the mag well attached to the chamber. It is fine for now as I don't intend on taking apart the chamber and barrel as it is pre upgraded.
But If I do decide to take it apart for cleaning one day are there any tips on ways to take the screw out without damaging the threads in the hole the screw goes into. I also would like to know where I could buy another screw like this. Never had an airsoft "sniper" rifle but I watched quite a few videos so I kinda already knew what goes where.

I think I got a good deal for $265. Here's what I got:

-JG Bar 10 (Pro?)
-6.01 Maple Leaf Crazy Jet (430mm long?)
-Action Army Hop Up Chamber
-Maple Leaf Bucking, Seller didn't specify
-Matrix Black Cylinder Head, padded with extra O-Rings
-Action Army 90 Degree Trigger and Piston
-Laylax PSS10 Spring Guide
-Action Army M170 Spring
-Came with an 4x16x44 CV Life Scope and a metal bubble level for the scope
-Extra action army vsr 10 mag
-Cheek rest/mag pouch thats fits onto stock
-$20 evike gun case
-.46 Novristch BB's about 70% full
-Barrel sleeve


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Might be too small for a screw extraction kit. You could possibly drill it out with a smaller bit and chase the threads after you're done. Snapped screws are always a pain but you can take one of them to a hardware store and they usually have thread gauges you can try your screw in.
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