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Help with butler creek scope covers

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Ok guys, I need a cheap scope so I'm going to get the followin NCStar scope:

Does anyone know what size butler creek scope covers I will need? It's a 3-9x40 scope.

Thanks, Milo.
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I'm having another dumb moment. I just couldn't understand that chart. :S

"Objective Lens Diameter: 40mm"

Butler Creek:

"Size 17 - Objective (MM) 40.9 - Part# 30170"

However, I can't get confirmation on whether these run tighter or looser, therefore whether to get size 15 or 17 for a 40mm objective..

Edit: size 15 (30150) is 39.6mm so I'm gonna recommend that for now..
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You need a size 17 for the objective. I don't know the size of your eye piece.

Wyvern beat me...
So I should get a size 15 for the objective? I have found a Size 13 that says fits 39.9.
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