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Help with gathering information about HPA for AEG

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Howdy Everyone!
So I been away for nearly a year, mainly because I started Medical School and all hobbies were put on the backburner.
I’d like to get some games in this summer before Fall starts, but I’m honestly tired of how often my “gun is in the shop”. So I’m just going to bite the bullet so to speak and convert to HPA in the hopes it will resolve the various issues on my AEG
The problem is I know NOTHING about HPA and was wondering if anyone knew a resource that gave them a good foundation to get started – similar to the comprehensive TheAirsoftTech tutorials on youtube. The cursory search I’ve done was incredibility overwhelming (programming FCU, picking nozzles, deciding what PSI to operate on – didn’t even realize this was a thing, etc.)

Right now I’m strongly leaning on:
polarstar UGS as my HPA system
polarstar kythera or F2 engine – I really like the kythera being strictly mechanical, but I fear I’d miss the option of having auto/burst. Any feedback on the pro and cons of either system would be greatly appreciated
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by cheaper you mean the $109 HK army Basic one?

right now...your description is all greek to me because I never seen a regulator up close
Yeah, get that.

Details don't matter that much, but it's cool that they completely replaced my bad regs and gave me 2 extras as well, so I'd say that they're pretty solid. Not using all the regs rn, but the one I am using is just dandy.
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@Leo Greer

You planted a bug in my head...I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should throw the gate pulsar in the running

Do you have anything you love or hate about the platform?

I've ran two gate asters of them was a total nightmare - not sure if it was a body/gearbox compatibility issue. I had serious issues with light pollution in the gearbox and it was messing with my optic sensor. I needed to black out the inside of my gearbox as well as tape up all the holes for me to get it to work. Even then, it seemed like the circuit board was shifting despite it being screwed down. That's pretty much the reason I'm wary of the gate platform now.

However I realize that isn't totally fair either cause I never ran a titan
Huh, I didn't know they made 13/4500 tanks.

Typically I go with Ninja regulators as they are easily rebuildable. You can also swap the internals of it to swap between HP and SLP. Customer service in my experience has been solid. HK army has been around for a bit.

I have had a Gurilla myth reg. While yes they are some of the smallest tank regs you can get, they can be quite pickey at times.

What second stage reg are you looking at getting?

I plan to get the polarstar universal gas stock
It's my understanding that is a second stage regulator? Unless I'm missing something

It's my understanding the 13/4500 and 17/4500 came out sometime in the last year while I was "away" from airsoft
@Leo Greer

You planted a bug in my head...I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should throw the gate pulsar in the running

Do you have anything you love or hate about the platform?


The adjustability and ease of adjustability.

Cost for what you get. As far as I'm aware, this is easily the best electronics HPA has ever had.

Incredibly dang adjustable hair trigger--I set it too high, and it fired if I touched it.

Super dang simple design--the nozzle moves and that's it. It takes two minutes to unscrew and check the seals.

Small size. I hope GATE puts out alternate nozzles for this thing, because it's tiny.


Those skinny little signal wires. Why the heck not make 'em sturdier for idiots like me?

Those ambiguous software patches. I'm still not sure how they work--pretty sure I have a beta version that allows to do extra things, like set the engine to 100 RPS. (more annoying than hated)

All that being said, I try my best to be objective and scientific, but I haven't ever personally worked on another HPA platform, so my comparisons will be subpar.
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Sorry to keep pestering you, I was hoping to do my purchases this memorial day weekend(sales) so that I have all my parts when I go back to my home state...

I'm sure this is a moronic question... but I need to ask anyways... I can change the tank regulators? As in I can do it myself? without a specialize hpa tank tech or tool?

if I get the HK army basic one... I find I don't like it... I can purchase a first strike or ninja regulator down the line?
Yeah, sometimes they're on pretty tight, but you just whack the fill fitting with a piece of wood or a rubber mallet to unscrew it. There are tools, but $40 is a lot for something you may never use, and the wood trick has never failed me yet.

You sure can, but there's not really a whole lot going on with regulators that will matter too much. It's almost like judging the performance of a tank, it's kind of just how it is, and for our purposes that's how it is with first stage regulators.
@Leo Greer

I might get the pulsar... I was wondering... what battery connector is it? Deans or tamiya?
@Leo Greer

I might get the pulsar... I was wondering... what battery connector is it? Deans or tamiya?
Deans. But you can use an adapter for whatever battery you want.
@Leo Greer

it's v7.4 right?

anyone have a hpa battery recommendation? I was thinking about titan power...but I know people hate them here
For HPA I would actually recommend a Titan or some sort of Li-ion battery for an HPA gun as they can be revived if you overdrain them by using staples to connect the black wire with the black wire and the red with the red on the fill and discharge plugs if it won't charge or work.
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how likely is it to get overdrained off a 350mah? I always dis/recharge after eachgame
It can happen, and is more likely to happen in guns with an FCU or MOSFET, such as every engine except the BOLT and and maybe the electro mechanical N7 and REAPER which I don't even know if they're around anymore.
If you unplug every time then you're fine, but for an extra $2 you're protected against a fuckup that would be about $13. Also, I think that Li-ions are capable of going through more charges and therefore last longer.
Actually, Li-ions like Titan are the perfect battery for HPA. They suffer in AEGs because of the very low discharge, but HPA FCUs need basically none.

Any small 7.4v should work just fine.

I should mention, the Pulsar comes with an adapter from a smaller plug to deans. I can't remember the name of the small plug, but you'll see all manner of drone batteries use it. You should be able to find it online.
ok...I pulled the trigger so to speak
I op to get the Gate Pulsar with the UGS

Thank you everyone for the feedback! It was super helpful!

I'll add to this thread once I get a chance to assemble and test the setup upon the field
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