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Help with Hop-up and scope?

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I can't seem to zero in my scope perfectly. On my 50mm I ran out of clicks to go down, so I borrowed my friend's scope, and the same thing happened with his(different brand and size). I'm kind of a scrub, and I'm not completely sure about how the MOA works, and zeroing my scope.

I have an Well MB08
-PDI Hop-Up
-Firefly Hard Bucking
-Prommy 650mm 6.03
-Laylax Cylinder head.
-Laylax Z-trigger
-Stock: Piston, cylinder, spring, spring guide.
-3-9x30mm scope 1/4 MOA
-1-5 MPH winds

I haven't really adjusted the PDI too well, and I don't want to fuck with it too much since I stripped the old set screws, and the stock cylinder head was severely scratched up because they were too far down, and out of the holes when I wanted to try lowering the hop-up.

Alright at 54 FT(~18yards.) I can hit a 6in by 9in target 10/10 times with about 3-4 inches between the farthest spread Using a 8-9x zoom. I think that kind of sucks. And It's always about 1-2 Mil dots higher than where I aim, and 0-1 mil dots to the right. No matter how much I adjust it. The up/down is as far down as possible.

What is the MOA for 4 inch spread at 54ft?

I also was shooting at a stop sign 162ft(54yards) away, and I hit 5/10 but I was aiming about 6-8 mil dots right, and 3-4 mil dots down, in order to hit it. After about 100 ft(~34 yards) the BB would fly sky high, and curve like hell to the left. Hence me aiming so far off the target to hit the stop sign. This was using a 7-8x zoom. 1-3 mph winds

What can I do about this?
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It might be the fact that these scopes are meant to be shot with real rifles so most people don't zero their scopes at 18 yards. Try to zero your scope at 50 yards and it should change how your scope is acting. I know i've had the same problem with my scope but if you adjust your hop-up and zero your scope at a further distance then you should be fine.

I do believe that a left or right curve could be caused by a crooked barrel (causing a crooked curve to the bb) or just bad quality ammo. The left/right curve of your shot could also be caused by wind. How much is your hop-up adjusted?
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