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I brought my gun to a game 2 weeks ago and I haven't really shot it since. (I broke my safety at that game :( )

I took it out today to zero it with .25 gram bb's at 150ft (The usual engagement range because of the one joule limit and the heavy forest)

Anyway the BB's are hitting target three times then one shoots left and another shoots right. At least that's the usual order. It's sometimes a bit different.

That's not the only problem though. The Hop-up doesn't seem to adjust much (Only a bit) whether I screw it or un-screw it. (PDI hop-up unit so it should be very sensitive)

Lastly this happens 2 out of three times. When ever there is about three to four bb's left in the mag it fires them all out at once in one big clump. Annoyingly.

Just take apart the gun completely and give it a clean or has anyone had these particular problems themselves?

Thanks and I know many of these have been asked before.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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