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Help with SD700

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Well, i guess I'm back again needing more help with this gun..

Okay so me and my buddies were out playin some airsoft today, when i started noticing that it was starting to get harder and harder to pull my trigger. Finally it got to the point where i could no longer take a good shot and pull my trigger. I decided to take the stock apart from the barrel and all the other components and take a look at it. I took it out of the stock and as soon as i did i messed with the trigger and it was working fine, it wasn't sticking and it was just as easy to pull as the day i got it. I figured maybe something was just in the way and it fell out when i took it apart, so i put it all back together. The first couple of shots worked great and i was totally stocked! Then about 10 minutes into the game i could tell that my trigger was becoming quite difficult again, so i proceeded to take it apart again and it started working great again after the stock was gone so i just put it back in and as soon as the stock was back on it stopped working again. I thought something might be wrong with the stock, but nothing looks out of place in it. My gun won't even shoot now, it is almost impossible to pull the trigger back.. Can someone help?

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Wow, weird problem man :(

I don't own the gun personally but if everything is working when it's detached, I'd guess that the trigger guard or hole in the stock for the trigger to poke through is chafing it. Or perhaps one of your stock screws is hampering the trigger function (for instance, I know the trigger guard on the vsr-10's attaches to the trigger unit itself).

It might be a problem with sears misaligning themselves, if you can (sometimes it's impossible to cock this way) shoot the gun for a while without the stock, see if the same problem happens.

Sorry I can't be more help, I've got very few ideas on this.
This happened to me once with a M16/M203 on the M203 trigger. The trigger guard was supposed to settle on the M16 magazine well, but it had slid up, so I was trying to force the M203 trigger to the rear with enough force to slide the trigger guard VERY difficult but was easy enough to fix. Is the trigger being obstructed by anything?
no i don't think so, i let my friend borrow it to see if he could take a look at it. I'll go and grab it tomorrow and see if taking off the trigger guard does anything, and i'll try out some other stuff too. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.
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