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Hello air-soft snipers of the World,
I currently own a G&G AEG and I am looking Into a sniper rifle. I was wondering what your guys sniper load-out might be... Also if you have any recommendations for a sniper rifle. I am looking for something around $200 and that has about a 400 FPS. It dose not have to have a scope or a bipod...but both would be great.
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Why did you make two of these?
Didn't mean to.. is there a way to remove it
Hi Mr. Zefo. Great to have you here. I run a BBTac M62. It is very accurate and throws a .25 gram BB at 620 fps. Surprisingly it is less than 100 U.S dollars, but beware the scope that it comes with is no good. You'll have to get a new one from a name brand, but still a bargain. It works really well.
Yo dawg, this was from 2012
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