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Her Henloef's replics

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this is a picture of my aeg's and springers.
got a m15a2 tactical for cqb only
next to it my m3 shorty. gave him a top rail + rectile reddot and a super 90 stock.
than my g36 standard just for allround shooting
my g3 also for allround
my vsr 10 pro version fully upgraded and custom paintjob. use this one for scout sniping.
and my l96 got power upgrade still has to get his precision barrel shoots 510fps and use it for sniping only.

my vsr in a bush

my bar 10 gave him a teflon mod, new spring and isolated the whole body for demping the noise.

with my m15 in my cqb outfit.

now thinking about buying a ar10 and customize it.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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