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Name (First name, last name is optional): Ryan

Callsign: Mess

Experience (How long have you been playing airsoft? any military experience? What training do you have?): 3 years military, airsofting for 8 years I believe, airsmithing for 2 years.

You're arsenal (What are you shootin'?): Systema PTW MK18, KJW M700, Magpul PTS ACR, Echo1 P90, G&G UMG, UTG M3, KWA Mp7, KWA M9 PTP, KWA G17, TM 1911a1, TM 5-7, TM Px4, WE Px4, hwasan double barrel shotty.

Your camo (Did you make your ghillie suit? buy it? Are you an urban sniper): X-Camo (Digital Multicam)

What are your other hobbies?: Gaming, airsoft, real steel.

Where do you reside? WI, USA
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Welcome to the forum. How does the X-Camo work for you?
I had X camo v1 "not sure if v2 is out yet" but mine worked real good! I wore mine to Blind Fury8 and I honestly had the Tan team dang near step on me! I was lost cause my Ak died on me and ran back to the car for the M4 and couldn't find my squad, while I accidentally find a little tan village I see about 8 guys walking down the trail headed my way "on my right" and, on my left was the village with what looked like 15+ tans. I knew for a fact I would be screwed if I engaged so I rolled into a little brush on the side of the trail.I just layed there sleeve covering my lower face and there they went,right passed me like I didn't exist,lol.. I should also mention it was after I soaked them in Kelly green Rit dye to bring back some of the green since it faded so so fast. Sorry if I ended up going on and on guys, had to tell my tale of my Xcamo.
Welcome to the forum.

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