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Hey all! (Reincarnation)

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Hey guys. If you all remember me, my name was Cravona. But to restart things, I'm Travis. I'm 15 years old, and absolutely love to airsoft. I haven't been on in quite awhile, so this is a fresh start. I currently am running a WELL MB04 G-22. No upgrades, just teflon on the cylinder head and a broken trigger box. I have found a new love as well. I am really getting into photography and video production. I hope to be getting a new rifle soon, as my WELL just isn't cutting it for me anymore. My plans for my future are to graduate high school and I have decided to enlist in the Army. I really hope to go into Recon, but my second option would be working as Border Patrol. I watch many shows on the Military Channel and History Channel, but mainly I look out for Modern Sniper, Top Sniper, stuff like that. On the History Channel I mainly try to watch Border Wars, which is something that really captures my attention. Hope you all can help me out much more than you recently taught.
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Welcome to the forum, Travis!

Great intro post. You basically have the same favorite channels and shows as I (and I'm sure a good portion of this forum) do.

Also, what type of rifle are you looking into getting?
Welcome to the forums!
Thank you all! And Ronnokk, I am looking at the Echo 1 M28 as it seems like a good, solid platform to restart with.
Welcome! It's nice to see another member my age on here!
Welcome to the forum ...
Here in Greece you should be over 18 yo to play ... that's what the law says!

Welcome aboard! You like all the same shows as me! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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