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Hey guys. If you all remember me, my name was Cravona. But to restart things, I'm Travis. I'm 15 years old, and absolutely love to airsoft. I haven't been on in quite awhile, so this is a fresh start. I currently am running a WELL MB04 G-22. No upgrades, just teflon on the cylinder head and a broken trigger box. I have found a new love as well. I am really getting into photography and video production. I hope to be getting a new rifle soon, as my WELL just isn't cutting it for me anymore. My plans for my future are to graduate high school and I have decided to enlist in the Army. I really hope to go into Recon, but my second option would be working as Border Patrol. I watch many shows on the Military Channel and History Channel, but mainly I look out for Modern Sniper, Top Sniper, stuff like that. On the History Channel I mainly try to watch Border Wars, which is something that really captures my attention. Hope you all can help me out much more than you recently taught.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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