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Hey Everyone!

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Hi, im new to the forum but find it EXTREMELY helpful and have learned alot of stuff. Im 15, not really new to airsoft but pretty new to airsoft sniping. I dont have a lot of experience but i have picked up a few things from my dad (who is a US ARmy Sniper) and well, i would love to learn anything you guys have to tell me. Right now i am saving up for a Tokyo Marui Vsr-10 but please let me know if you think a different weapon would be suitable.
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Welcome. I just posted on the other thread about some rule breaking. No harm just trying to help. Its pretty awesome that your dad is a sniper. I think that is really cool :)

As for the tm vsr-10. Cannot go wrong with that rifle. Very easy to upgrade, with a bunch of available parts. Airsoftatlanta has some great stuff, just check out their bolt action section. PM me if you have any questions about upgrading your rifle in the future.

Clarksville/Fort Campbell area. What about you?
cool, so should i save up more for a TM Vsr-10 or just get a Bar-10 and heavily upgrade it?
If you plan to heavily upgrade it, just go and get the BAR-10, it is basically the same thing and it will save you around $100 that you can use to upgrade.
I agree with silent. A clone rifle is great for upgrading. I did the same with the mk96 (clone of the maruzen l96). However, if you feel the need to get the vsr-10, you cannot go wrong with that either. They both can be really great rifles.

Basically, whatever floats your boat. You cannot go wrong. But if money is somewhat of an issue, like silent said, get the bar 10, and use the extra 100 dollars for some good sears or some other upgrades.
Ok, sounds good. i'll do some research on the Bar-10 vs the Mk96, since i do like the type: 96 look. Thanks!
Ya, i came across that. But thanks for the link.
No problem, just trying to make things easier for you.
Is this an MK96 or is there a seperate model, because it isn't advertises as a "MK" 96. I was just wondering if you knew.
Yep, thats the same rifle that I have. It says shadow ops but it is indeed a mk96. Takes the maruzen l96 parts.
Ok, i think I'll go with that then. Thanks guys.
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