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Hi everyone, my name is Dan. Some of you may know me as DHM78 from Airsoftretreat, I'm fairly active in the sniping section there. I'm from New Jersey (DHM078 on ASNJ and DR's boards, if you're an NJ airsofter you'll know what I'm talking about). I have been into airsoft for a bit over 3 years. I unfortunately can't say I have consistently played throughout all that time, but between life and lack of money it's been tough. I love upgrading and technical work on guns, and I'm pretty fluent both with AEGs and BASRs for the most part (at least I'd like to think so). Also, while I do snipe from time to time in games, I spend the majority of my time with an AEG as my primary. The sniping I mainly got into for plinking and upgrading experience. I am plenty patient and able to learn the role more thoroughly, but for now I'm not going to kid myself - I just don't have the skills and experience to be truly effective in the position (or at least be as effective as I am with an AEG).

As for my arsenal, my primary SWS is a JG Bar-10. Velocity depends on the spring I put it, but it gets good compression with the work I've done, and the hop-up is consistent (shimming go a long way). I also have an Echo 1 M28 which I recently won in a giveaway, but I haven't done much of anything yet. I have an upgraded ICS M4 which is my primary AEG. For sidearms, I have a KWA USP and a TM MK23. I prefer to use the MK23 because it's so damn quiet when sniping.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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