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Hey from Flippin

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Name: Nathaniel

Callsign: Flip , Flippin (And for some reason "Triggy")

Experience: No military exp. , but I have been in airsoft for around 3 years. Been sniping with my friends stock clone for 1 year.

You're arsenal: WE 4.3 Desert Warrior, CA M15a4, My friends' MB06 stock, and soon to have a fully upgraded JG Bar-10

Your camo: Just some old 3 color desert BDUs. and some veg on the MB06

What are your other hobbies?: Fencing, Video Games, Soccer, Comic Con

Where do you reside?: I'm from Florida, but now I live in California

See you on the forums!
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Good to see you on the boards Flip! Glad you made it over here. ;)
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