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Hey From Kentucky

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I have been airsofting for about 4 years and have been "sniping" for two. I know I am just a teen, but I love doing this and would love to here some tips from the pros, so I came here. Well, i have a ghillie suit, a plate carrier, a chest rig, my m4 (that is upgraded, i will list the upgrades when i post pics), We full metal 5.1 gbb pistol, utg mk96, utg m324 gen. 3, a shotgun, and a DPM m4, and a couple spring pistols and one broken spring rifle.
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Welcome to the forum. Nice intro post. Only thing you need to watch is your grammar/punctuation. You have a few lower case I's on there. The spelling rule has just been reinforced a few days ago.

Besides that, looks like you have a nice collection there. Would love to see pictures.

Hi and welcome, cant wait to see some pic's of your stuff(also don't forget to capitalize your I's).
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