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Hi guys, I thought I would keep this short and sweet.

My name is Ahmad(yes, I've heard all the dead terrorist jokes in the world) and I am quite relatively new to sniping, I thought I would be able to pick up some tips of the trade here.

I've known what airsoft is but I guess I have finally wanted to try it out and I like it! There is only one or two fields by my area (GodFather is one of them) and sometimes I like to have a nice 3v3 with my friends at this forest. It's somewhat renovated by us, we plan on adding some more bunkers (pretty much tied tarp to trees).

Some activities I like to attend are skateboarding, track, playing video games (I am quite good at that), and obviously airsoft.

Well, to sum it up, I am your average 14 year old who has a love for airsoft. I hope I learn some tactics, guides, and recommendations in the future!

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