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Hey from the bay area

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Name : Anthony Tran
Call sign : (if i would have one it would be ) Detox
Gun using : None right now because i am a total new guy trying to be a sniper, but i need help from you guys
Where are you from ?: Well i live in California in the bay area
What kind of camo? I don't have one just new

Well, i like to start off that ever since i was a kid i always wanted to be a sniper and it isn't because of the cool guns and the cool outfits, it was because i love how snipers are so patient and they take their time with their shots. Even though some people may not see who shot them and snipers don't get much credits they enjoy doing what they do and its like fishing because we or you guys wait until some fish is caught in your hook. I am a teenager who just recently got into airsofting because it my cousins are into it. Now that i joined this website i hope that i will meet many great people and learn much from the veterans from their experiences and knowledge
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Welcome to the forum!

Any questions that you have don't be afraid to ask, after you have done a search of course.

There is truly a wealth of knowledge on these forums. So ask away and we will all try and help you out.
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