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Hey guys, introducing myself...

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My apologies because I didn't introduce myself before, I have been reading the forums for months, and I registered recently, I should have done this earlier on.

I've played a little airsoft many years ago (26-27 year ago!) for a while, there were no rules, we didn't wear any protections, most of the replicas were spring and very bad ones (mostly because we didn't have the money or the knowledge to buy anything different) which we played for a couple of years without knowing it was going to be so big after a few years, and a few months ago, a friend asked me to start playing airsoft (you can imagine my reaction).

Here I am, already a proud owner of a couple of pistols, an m4 that I love (VFC Avalon Calibur), and after a while, I have decided to go back to the sniper that I always wanted to be and only had a few occasions to play (with a friends replica).

I will receive my SSG10 in a couple of days, which I will keep for a few months, so I can see and understands the comments that I have read (inside and outside this forum), while I build my Silverback SRS A2 16' with the upgrades that I've been researching, mainly thanks to the people in this forum.

Therefore... thank you guys !
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I can only wish you luck with that...
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Welcome to the show, Tristan. Break time is over...back into the game! hahahaha

Let's see, 26-27 years ago I was driving a truck across the country...with no internet, no cell phone, and a paper map! hehehehe. My how times have changed, hunh?

No matter what anyone says, have fun out there, and always bring a good snack.
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