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Hi everyone, my name is Kevin, I live in southern California and have always been fascinated with sniping and long range rifles. I am very new to this forum, but it is a gold mine of information and has really helped me out.

I have been airsofting very seriously for three and half years now, and I can never get enough of it. I usually play every Sunday, all day, with a great group of guys in a secretive area. For the most part, we play on rough, shifting terrain with a great variety of elevation and dense plant cover. I am not a dedicated sniper, but I do take the time to hone my skills and have fun shooting longer ranges. I find it a very interesting way to mix things up.

I currently own four guns:
Stock KWA M4A1 with a variety of dark earth magpul parts including the ubr stock and moe hand guard. I also have a vortex red dot sight mounted on it.
My longer range AEG is a KWA SR12 with a suppressor extending out of the RIS. I have a simple guarder SP120 spring and custom cut inner barrel. Both of these guns run on Lipoly batteries. My sidearm is a recently bought TM MK23 socom NBB pistol. I adore that pistol because of it's pure stealthiness. My last rifle, and current work in progress is my JG BAR10. I have done some simple upgrades to it, but seek just a little more to get it running at top form. I recently made a topic about it regarding barrels and the hop up's so if that's what your expertise, go check it out :)

When I'm not airsofting, I'm always doing something creative. I am a very visual person and spend my time drawing, creating weapon designs on vector programs, working on pimp my gun, or building stuff (usually homemade suppressors. All of my guns I own have very effective silencers

I might be around here if I have questions, but thanks for taking the time to get to know me!
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