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Hey guys I've been trolling the boards the last few days and figured I would go ahead and join this one, been playing airsoft for about 3 years now been working on sniping pretty much the entire time. Yes my patience hasn't given up yet.

I enjoy playing the sniper role and run with both a TM VSR-10 and G&P SR-25 as sniper platforms but have several other AEGs ranging from a 733, M16, G36C, MG36, SAW, the list goes on but also known here for pistol kills with my TM MK23 (sniper sidearm for me) and having dual Chrome TM Desert Eagles.

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here's an idea of how I run lol

TM VSR-10 (work in progress want to try some things with it but just haven't gotten to the time for it) Currently
- PDI 6.01mm tightbore
- PDI Hardened Trigger sears (want to try a better trigger setup later)
- sp150 spring (getting me about 530ish fps)

I still want to do a new cylinder, piston and hop up, looking at PDI for the cylinder piston setup, and hop up I just haven't decided yet but I just want to do it right.

AGM MP002 have sold this already but it was my first bolt action that I used it as a guinea pig so I had a good idea how everything worked and modifications (bad choice I know, should've went with a BAR 10 for that)

Maruzen Type96, this thing was a friends, it's had work done to it, some good some bad

MY G&P SR25,
- Prometheus 6.03 tightbore
- Prometheus hop up and soft bucking
- Shredders Concave Spacer
- G&P M160 Motor
- Torque Up gearset
- M150 Spring

Frankenstien M16 (born as an Echo1 but really just still have the XYT gears, the buttstock and shell left Echo) Numerous things done with it but too lazy to list and it's not a sniper

Echo 733 (work in progress but also not a sniper so not going into it all)


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Welcome aboard, very nice collection you have there. Feel free to post these pics up in the gallery as well, as it is always nice to see some new pics up.

Again welcome, and enjoy your stay.

P.S. I fixed your name for you. ;)
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