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Hey, Howdy, hey!

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Name: Andrew

Callsign: Puck/Puckhunter/PHX02

Experience: Been airsofting for over three years. Been one of the Founding Members of Team Phoenix Tactical

Gats: Maruzen Aps-2, KJW m4 Gbbr, upped Dboys Spr Mk12 Mod1

Camo: Currently doing the urban sniper thing with three color desert, but my team is switching to a ranger impression so I'll be grabbing that some time in the future.

What are your other hobbies?: Hockey....Lots of hockey haha . I like music and used to be big into the drums. Right now though It's mostly hockey and airsoft that takes up my time.

Born and Raised in the Detroit suburbs.

Looking forward to being a member here!
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Welcome to the forum. Thanks for making an intro post. How's the Maruzen APS-2? Such a beautiful rifle, and I would love to see some pics.
Fuzzywolf: Thanks for the welcome. The Aps-2 is awesome! I'll get some pics pretty soon. The funny thing about the rifle is that I am the fourth owner. The original owner sold it to another member of my team who then got out of the game and sold it to a second member of my team who sold it to me. Right now it shoots amazing, but no one has any clue what is inside of it. You guys are probably going to call me out as cheating for not building it myself, but you can't argue the results.

NTS: Thanks! I actually made a mistake. My name is Andrew. Fixed the original post.
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