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Hey there and welcome to the forum! =)

Nice to see a new sniper sprout growing in our small yet deadly field of assassination proficiency. Be sure to think and read about being an airsoft sniper since it isn't always that great as it looks like in say movies and such. But trust me, when you get that far away head shot that couldn't be seen coming, it pays of all the crap. ;) Yet again this is a hobby/sport where everybody are supposed to have fun etc. so it depends more about what one is looking for, that they like it or not, being an airsoft sniper.

I wrote all that just because even though you can't really know what being a sniper is without trying few times with a sniper rifle on the field and the fact that clone rifles are very cheap nowadays, it still will cost ya to buy the minimum gear to do it. Things airsoft sniper needs are calmness, patience, able to camouflage him/herself and most of all be able to take good, long and accurate shots. Find these in yourself and then this type of war fits you precisely. =)

Yet even if it doesn't feel so great in the beginning, it might still pay off after trying for a while more. ;) I don't know about the rest but I get these "Why in the
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