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Welcome buddy, I too live on the Eastern Side of Michigan (Oakland County to be exact). I suppose I'll share a little info about myself with you.

I've been playing airsoft for a little over a year now as a dedicated player. I roll as Livonia's Spotter for a good portion of time but sometimes I'll roll lone wolf with a sniper rifle. I learned all my tools of the trade by watching Livonia (Those who have seen him play on the field can vouch that he is a formitable opponent). I shoot a Maruzen APS-2 with a few upgrades here and there (Tightbore, PSS2 Aero Chamer, Laylax Version 3 Cylinder Set, Vacuum Piston, PDI 300% Spring.. yada yada soon to get harris rock mount bipod).

I'm also in the Delayed Entry Program to be a US Navy SEAL. So I workout and learn things from them every first wednesday of every month and every monday of every week. (The monday's are just working out.. but the Wednesday's are things we'd actually learn in BUD/s).

Anyways, welcome aboard. I hope that I can shoot with/at you sometime. Cheers,

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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