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Hey there

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My name is David

Callsign: dont really have one, I dont actually "Play" airsoft. Most folks around here paintball anyway.

Experience: I actually found this website by accident learning how to accurize airsoft rifles.

Currently im rebuilding, upgrading, and dialing in a JG Snow Wolf M99 Barret, I have a G&G GR-25 in the mail, and I bought an Aftermath M4 Kirinex several years ago when I first started messing around with airsoft.

Like I said not much of an airsofter in the sense most of you folks are, but I wear an old pair of surplus GORE-TEX Flecktarn cammies for some other stuff I do.

What are your other hobbies?: I got into airsoft weapons for my "offseason" practice and just because its actually quite fun (Cheaper too!). im a competetive shooter, amatuer gunsmith, and hunter. I also do quite a bit of fishing.

Im from Montana in the US.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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