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Hi guys I'm Patrick.
My name on all the forums is Pkidd or Pkidd-A2
I have been playing airsoft for about a year. But I have been hunting since I was 10 so I love being outside shooting stuff.
I have an ARES AW 338 that I am about to convert to external air. I have a co2 pistol for backup but most of the time I am with my spotter so he has all the firepower. I am in the process of making a ghillie suit and its going good so far. I love being outside hiking and backpacking, hunting and fishing, and playing airsoft. I play the alto sax as well.
I live in hoover alabama.

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Good luck with the ghillie. At first when I was making mine, I was frustrated. I was worried I would mess up and fail :( But, by following instructions online I was able to make a nice ghillie suit. Hope she (ghillie suit) turns out nice.

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