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The names Adam,
Callsign: Zero (never saw it coming did ya? ::))

Currently living in the UK, Nottingham to be precise. I have been airsoft for 3 years but shooting real steel rifles since I was 8. Currently have 3 ghillie suits (full, yeti and recon) fielding a socom gear M9 SOF as my secondary with a kjw m700; tuned to 500fps exactlly with .36, and a TB 6.01 mm barrel, REAL, harris bipod and a very large suppressor ;)
I also have the Ares Cheytac M200 intervention and a Tokyo marui L96 aws.
My spotter, Luke, (Ghost), is currentlly serving in the British army only just recentlly coming bak from a 6 month tour of afghanistan which is now his 2nd tour of afghanistan


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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