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HFC mauser c96 gas carbine

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So i had a cybergun mauser rifle that recently broke :( and the part to properly fix it is more expensive then the gun. I do not want another type 96 rifle though as i recently moved and the fields semi close to me are small
:(" title=":mad:" border="0"/> (200'x300' max) or indoors
:(" title=":mad:" border="0"/> and designed for paintball :( :). I as a sniper have very limited use :( , so i am looking for a marksman (slightly different, less hiding, closer to the action, still has the one shot two kill mentality) role gun. I found a HFC Mauser c96 gas carbine. I know that gas can be inconsistent and i also know that it can be converted to a dual regulated HPA or LPA tank this also gives me total velocity control. What are your thoughts on it.
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Can you give us a link? All you told us about the gun is that it was gas... and that doesn't help at all...
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