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Hi guys I'm Mike, but since you'll probably only see my call-sign:Honor.

I am new to the Airsoft sport, just started Friday. I am in my 7Th year in the military and have seen 2 deployments to Iraq. My first deployment I was Convoy Escorting Team. A lot of armed forces call them CLiPs, but most of my experience has been with rifles, machine guns, and the Mk19.

I don't have much experience with scoped weapons other than hunting. But, I'm a pretty good shot.

I have a Tuaras PT 24/7 CO2 powered with only one mag and a UTG Type 96 Sniper with Leapers 4x40 scope, stock bi-pod and 2 mags.

Right now I only have my Army ACU's so I'm currently using them. I have plans to get a Multicam ACU style uniform and Purchase a ghillie suit. I have built 2 ghillie suits in the past, and honestly with about 32 hours total put into them, I figured I'd do it the lazy way this time and just buy one.

My other hobbies are pretty much anything and everything, playing pool, video games, reading books, fishing, hunting, pretty much anything.

I reside in California currently in the USA, I'm from Alabama.

Decent Shot!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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