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hi all

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Hi all I'm Oliver

but Ill answer to Olipoli or simply Olip

Have been playing air soft for the past 3 years around Hungary.

I have a CA G3 Sportmatch and a KWC M14A1. I always sympathized with gas powered guns, more precisely sniper riffles.

I'm new to sniping so I don't have a proper camo at the moment I wear a Russian KLMK (Beryozka).

I do DH biking, photo/cinematography, and computer graphics (thats my work actually). I also love constructing things.

I live in Budapest, Hungary (Europe)

Nice to be here, there is a wealth of knowledge gathered. I'm still reading trough the web to be as much prepared to ask as possible.
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Welcome aboard. Glad to have you with us. Nice to see you are reading up on some of the great stuff here. Feel free to ask any questions if you are confused about anything here, or simply need some help.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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