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Hi all! :)

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Hi all, i'm from finland, and its winter coming. :'( so right now i'm thinking of upgrading my vsr-10 g-spec during winter to around m145 and shoot some g&g 0.3g and (washed) goldenball 0.4g, i know what parts i need for what velocities, i know right way to cock my gun, i can disassemble every part of my gun and assemble it back from pieces, i tampered my cylinder head myself, i made my own barrel spacers etc.
But now i have to make a hard decision, should i use action army, laylax, or pdi, i can initially spend around 200e for my upgrades, laylax parts are very hard for me to get,
with pdi im not sure about combatibility,
with action army im really doubtful about the quality, but i can easily get all the action army parts its also the cheapest manufacturer.
I also need to decide between laylax 6.03 and action army 6.01.
So yeah, i need to know what you guys think.
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Welcome to the forum I hope you like the stay. I don`t understand get what. But just saying I like Laylax for Sniper parts but I think PDI makes better Vsr10 parts.
Ty, let me make my point clear. I'm asking what brand do you recommend for vsr-10 upgrade parts,
pdi is relatively easy to get.
If i get laylax, i need to order from china/usa.
Action army is really easy to get, its also the cheapest, but im concerned about the quality, there is almost no reviews about it and its "new", what brand do you recommend?

Second question, laylax 6.03mm tightbore vs action army 6.01mm, which one do you recommend? (im going to use g&g 0.3g and (washed) goldenball 0.4g)
Welcome to the board
I prefer Laylax products over PDI.

OMG it is Simo hHayha's great grandson!
Welcome aboard!

I prefer the laylax brand as it is much simpler in terms of compatibility. PDI is a bit more complicated due to the variety of parts that are for sale (some require specific parts) (obviously this is both good and bad), but for the simple person like me, laylax does the job. ;)
Ty, @inthetallgrass its Simo H
[quote="WorstInFinLanD":57rrrwra]Ty, @inthetallgrass its Simo H
Do you mean a taiwangun named shop in poland?
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If it is easier to buy PDI parts, than I would say go for it. I only steer you away from it as like I said above, laylax around here are easy to get a hold of, and get the job done great. Many users love their PDI parts, and with the right research, you can get the set you need to be successful.

Just thought I would add that in, as PDI is one of the best of the best out there. ;)
[quote="WorstInFinLanD":9f86a6n5]Do you mean a taiwangun named shop in poland?
Ps. If your keyboard doesnt have
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