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Hi all

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Have not given much thought to the gun lately, although I am completely sure the hop up would work well for long range.

I was selling some of my MX bikes and parts and I came to a conclusion. Nobody has money. $1300 shocks new for $500 and no takers. I sold many many aftermarket parts for low ball fire sale prices. Made me realize market for a $1500 for a custom gun even though it would work better that what it out there would be thin.

But I can't sit still so, I am building an open desert mini truggy to do desert racing in California maybe a baja event even.

Anyhow wanted to stop by and say hi, great forum, dedicated guys with lot of knowledge. Hop up ideas are not optimal and there are some gaps but I will likely never prove it I had a better design.

I have a box of parts, maybe I'll give the them to you guys. Got some sweet trigger guards and huge sears and maybe reto fit one of my muzzle brakes to existing guns? Got some of the sweetest pistons ever made too if you can find a use for them. :)

Ok guys take it easy! Off to obsess about chassis design.
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Tis a pity you never finished, miss ya!
You had some great work. Alas times are hard espicially for such an expensive (yet awesome) project, good luck with yor truggy!
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