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Hey there

My name is Mark, I live in the UK and have been airsofting for about 6 months now. Not long I know, but it's been long enough to spend a small fortune on various bits. Which is not helped by having a brother in law who works in an airsoft shop who's always showing me the latest releases.

I started off by buying a G&P Magpul MOE M4 with a few upgrades and some British Woodland DPM camo, shortly followed with, after a couple of skirmishes, a KJW P266 and some British Multi Terrain Pattern camo amongst many other things.

Recently I've seen a few occasions where having a sniper on the team would have been beneficial. Plus being in my thirties and not so fit as I was, a slower, more patient thinking man's role might suit me down to the ground lol. I've been put off the role in the past by comments by some of the more experienced players saying I wouldn't enjoy it because I'd be outgunned and would never play the role again. So I've decided to ease myself into the role by purchasing an ASG Urban Sniper rifle, a clone/re-brand of a Well MB-06/Echo1 ASR. I figured it's not too expensive, it's upgradable and more importantly light enough and compact enough to sling on my back and still carry my M4 until I've learned enough techniques and built up enough experience to the point where I won't be making so many mistakes where I'll need an AEG as backup.

I've found some great information on this forum so far and you all seem a friendly bunch. I'm looking forward to spending more time here.


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