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Hi ASF, I'm PureSilver

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Hi all,

I'm PureSilver, and new to airsoft sniping. I bought a secondhand G&G G960 a few months ago in the knowledge that stock it is probably one of the least accurate rifles ever made, and it hasn't let me down - I can throw BBs more accurately than it can shoot them.

I'm looking forward to borrowing as much knowledge as I can to turn this thing into an externally-rigged VSR-hopped monster, and maybe posting a build thread along the way.

I also shoot:
  1. A heavily upgraded RealSword SVD V2
  2. An upgraded Inokatsu M4A1 SOPMOD
  3. An upgraded Inokatsu P226
  4. The world's most heavily upgraded TM SOPMOD Recoil Shock
  5. An upgraded TM/PGC P226
  6. An upgraded KWC/Guarder Mini UZI
As you can see, nothing I own is left stock for long, and the G960's no exception. Looking forward to seeing what it can do!
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Welcome aboard buddy...
Good to see you here!
Enjoy your stay.

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Realsword SVD? Little bit jealous right now haha

Welcome to the forum mate
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Thanks Wolf, I figured I'd see you around here - and cheers Happy! It's a lovely gun.
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