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There could be something blocking the slides movement, or you might use too low power gas. WE guns are equipped with extremely heavy slides, which need atleast green gas to operate.

If you see no blockage there, remove your slide and check that the valve is moving freely in the back section of the slide, inside the blow back nozzle/cylinder. you can find this valve in the hole as siin in this pic.

If it moves freely, Then I'd suggest buying a new piston head, and replace the old one with a PDI/Laylax part.

Other odd bug I've had, is the recoil spring guide messing up, so that it jumped out of place while I fired. It was caused because the Hop-up chamber had a crack on it, preventing the spring guide of resting on its original place. This can be fixed via buing a new hop up chamber, or if you have the know how; some DIY magic should fix it.
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