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Hi everyone,
I know this technically could be put in the Introduction section, but I also have some (newbie) questions. I have posted on here like 2 times before, but I am getting back into airsoft. I have a problem though... I am going to get my first "real" airsoft gun other than a spring pistol.

I am only 14, so my parents have to get everything for me... for now. They are really not liking the whole thing that airsoft means shooting other people, even if it's just pretend. Therefore, this gun will probably be the only gun that I get until I convince them otherwise or I turn 18. I know lots of you will say "don't snipe until you've been playing for a long time....sniping isn't for". I can see how you would say this, HOWEVER, if I get a sniper rifle and it is the only gun I have for four years, I plan at getting a LOT for practice at sniping (basically every time I play). This is my reason for getting a sniper rifle even though it will be my first real airsoft gun.

So, now that I've decided I want a sniper rifle, I need to decide which one. I am of average build and 14, so I don't really want a rifle that I have to stand up and brace against a tree just to pull back the bolt (I heard pulling back the bolt of a 500+ fps rifle isn't fun....L96?). I am also 5"8", so I don't want an enourmous rifle either.

Having said this, my parents are paying for this, and I can probably get them to pay about ohh....$250-$320 total.

I don't really know what guns I should be looking at... I know the JG BAR-10 is a good beginner rifle, and I'm kind of leaning towards spring powered so I don't have to buy gas for every game. I am also considering a TM VSR-10 Pro (only if I can buy a working suppressor) or the VSR-10 GSPEC, and I'll slowly upgrade it over time.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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Just hold off until you hit 18.
I don't know the laws everywhere but the laws here in FL restrict minors which I personally agree with. We do have occasional games which allow minors but I avoid them due to the legal risks. But if your mature and hold out you will gain a lot of respect from me.

You may also want to really consider being a sniper as it can be pricey and a lot of work as well as being one of the most unique positions in airsoft. Many people try it and don't like it.

Hopefully you do and stick with it.

The TM VSR has a lot of parts readily available so building one up should be easy.

Also, check your local and federal laws about functional suppressors. Spring guns aren't very loud though. As for pulling a 500fps + bolt/spring, its not too bad, but there is a technique that Mosin shows on the Airsoft News 7 part video on being an airsoft sniper. You can find video 1 of 7 here:

Cheers for now,

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I don't think that link works.. Doesn't for me anyways.

But yeah, wait until your 18 mate, or until you have a steady job to help fund the cost of sniping, because it isn't a cheap role to pursuit.

Time and time again I have to tell the same thing to kids who often post on this forum asking what gun they should get, as well as asking for basic information that could be found by using Google and reading some of the millions of reviews already made.

Anyways, pulling back a 550 FPS spring isn't really a chore for me... I'd suggest lifting a few weights or just trying to get a little stronger, so that you can pull that spring back.
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