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hi from flingkid10

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hello my name is Colin r
my callsign is flingkid10 i know it is weird but it was a typo a long time ago and i just never changed it
i have actually quite little experience i have played with my friends a couple times in their back yards but that is it
my arsenal is a socom gear r700 (a clone of the tm vsr-10), one mag, a pretty nice 3-9x40 scope,and .28 bio bb's
i don't have any camo
and i live in roxbury,Connecticut
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Alright young'un ;)

Just read your other posts and woogie is correct in giving you the bollocking you had, we've already seen someone band in the last 24 hours as he couldn't keep his shit all in one sock in regards to spealung, grandma and pointless posts ;)

Re your dilemma with your rifle....

I'll answer it in the relevant thread :)
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