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Hi from san diego

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my name is Robert, my friends call me crazy but i dont think they mean it in a nice way.

i am new to the sniping game but not airsoft, i have been sniping for about a month so about 2 games and found out it is hard. most of you will say "why didnt you ask a sniper were you play," well there is only one sniper with the guys i play with and he moved 2 months ago. so i took a shot in the dark.

i currently own 2 sniper rifles, well from what i consider, 1 is sniper ready the other is in the progress

the first rifle i own is a utg l96 this is my rifle i let my friend use when we play it has a madbull 6.03, a leapers 3-9x 50, and one custom paint job

the second is my current project rifle, it is a well mbo5 with a custom paint job(will post pic's), inside she has a pdi 6.01mm inner 10mm outer, a pdi hop-up, on its way in 2 weeks is a laylax zero trigger and cant decide on weather or not to go with a laylax set up internal or pdi, and comments on that are welcome. also a haris style bi-pod cuz u know how sexy those are. for glass i have a leapers 4-16x50(i got it cuz it was on sale for less then a 3-9). also a 2-point sling for those long walks, and 2 mags cuz if u need more thn 40 rounds u suck at aiming, or your playing a long game.

so i hope everyones wisdom and experience will help me further my sniping game, or at least provide for some comedy for some people.
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Welcome. Nice first post. I see we have some similar rifles and accessories. Harris style bipods are great. Just got one and it looks really nice. Very sexy indeed ;)

As for your question on the pdi or laylax parts, I would say either. I have used laylax parts and love them. Woogie, another member on here, loves his pdi parts. Which ever route you pick, I would stick with it. For example, all pdi parts or all laylax parts. Makes things simpler for you.

Anything else, let us know. And would love to see pics when you can get them up.

P.S. 500th post!!
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here are some pics still figuring out how to use the web site

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Welcome to the forums.

Thanks for starting of some what right. Just try to make sure that you capatilize when you need to. Just makes things look a lot nicer and easier to read at times.

Nice looking set up and I am a fan boy of the PDI stuff.
Nice pics, looks good. The harris style bipod would definitely give it a nice touch. Also, I think it would look good with the guarder bolt handle. I found that the stock bolt handle is very shiny and makes the rifle look cheap.

After seeing the guarder bolt handle in person, I realized how much better it made my rifle look. It also feels better too. Just something to think about.

Overall, looks good. With a few touches, mainly the harris style bipod, it will look extremely nice.
Sorry i normally do that but, when I typed it, it was rushed my laptop was about to die. One quick question Woogie, for a pdi set up would you suggest HD or VC also Palsonite or stainless?
I have ready that Palsonite rusts easy, but it can give you better fps because the spring and piston slides easier in it then stainless. I ask because if im going to spend 200 dollars on it a added 20 wont be to bad. If you want I can move this to a different tread to keep mods happy. ;)
edit: I think it would look a lot better with the haris bi-pod, do you know a web site that has the handle in stock it sounds like a nice add on. Plus once the zero trigger goes in I loose the safety anyway.
Airsoftatlanta usually has it in stock. However, they do not at the moment. But the good news is that they restock on their parts very very often. In fact, they just got another shipment of parts. The l96 zero trigger is back in stock, along with the hop up arms, and a bunch of other good stuff ;)

Check their website weekly. Chances are it should be back in stock soon.
Yeah the harris is always a win.

I have a plastonite cylinder set in two of my rifles and love them. No rusting or anything like that. They are smooth as glass and look great as well ;)
Yes ups set to deliver the bipod on Friday, I will post more pics when I get it also I think I might post an accuracy test when I get the spacers this Friday as well.
I did a accuracy test alittle while back. Check it out:

Just something you can use as a reference. Would love to see some more tests done.
I think I will test just the difference between stock and upgrades but only the hop and inner barrel
and see the difference.
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