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Hi guys! Every new here should be making an intro post so here is mine:

Name: Del
Callsign: Frostbite
Location: Quezon city, Philippines
Age: 23

I have been playing airsoft for the past 6 years(yes, i was 17 back then).

I started with a TM s-system and from there, the armory just keeps on growing.

Here a list of my weaponry:
TM s-system
JG M4a1
Custom-built ar15
JG SIG 550

From the list, the ar15 is the only one that received my tending love and care. I am always fascinated watching a bb glide towards my target. I only have 2 ghillie suits, 1 for temperate season and another one for arid season.

Besides airsoft, my hobbies are playing PC games and shooting hoops. Studying takes so much of my time. I'm in the last 2 years in college taking electrical engineering.

I hope I will enjoy my time here and If you want to ask me questions, feel free to do so. Have a good day guys!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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