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Name: Ben Anderson
Callsign: Anderkov
Home Site:
Exp: Since 2010
I own: JG M4-SR16 at 340fps; JG Bar-10 upgraded to 530fps

I've visited here before to look at guides and whatnot. I figured I should introduce myself before posting anything.
I made my own crawling ghillie, but have only used it once to qualify at my club. There isn't a lot of ghillie usage in our games, sadly. I will be making a tracker version, just arms and back, to use more frequently.

I do believe that sniping is more than Call of Duty stuff. I'm more of a scout/recon element to my side than a DM; relaying info more than shooting. I can say at this point I usually give more than I get. And I'm better at hitting moving targets than stationary ones, go figure.
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