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Hi, I'm new

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I'm new to airsoft and am interested in airsoft sniping and found this form, any information at all would be useful and if anyone knows any good airsoft fields in Alabama that would be helpful as well.

Name: Jonathan.
Experience: new to airsoft.
Guns: KWA M16, WELL MB02
Camo: maybe buying ghillie suit, not sure of making one.
I live in Alabama.
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Welcome to the forum. Trust me, don't buy a ghillie suit, make one. And I wouldn't mind seeing your KWA.
You can either just do your regular knot, putting it through a loop or double it in an overhand.
Yeah that would be alright. TBH though I'd start off with a good gun as it would be an investment and you wouldn't have to upgrade for a while. And once it's upgraded it'll last forever. Like a KWA.
WE, TM, KWA and KJW in that order of decency. (Pistols)
Swishy said:
inthetallgrass said:
WE, TM, KWA and KJW in that order of decency. (Pistols)
Did you just state that a WE is better than a tm and kwa? and don't forget about Ksc and Wa.
Yes, Ksc and WA are very good makes too.
I was just giving the general norm in my field. And IMO a WE 1911> a Tm 1911. And yes I have fired both, stock.
KSC then IMO, are better than WE and TM. However WE is more affordable.
Your probably right on the KWA > WE one though. I was just judging it by one I fired and it was shit (Can't remember make. It had a rail looking thing on it though) Then again I live in a cold enough country and that was the issue.
shippuden678 said:
Is $50 for a used WELL MB03 with scope, bipod, and self cling acu wrap with woodland camo on it a good deal?
That all depends on the guns age, parts, pictures, the bi-pod and the scope that comes with it. If the gun fires, the bi-pod works and the scope isn't broken that is a great deal for a starter. Pending pics of it being in a usable condition I would get it.
If you really want something light get an mp5k and maybe a holster for it. You could either get a p90 (some say awkward) or an AEP (mp7 or rz61 / scorpion)
1 - 7 of 46 Posts
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